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Twins Jaxson and Cadence Moore just celebrated what their parents are calling a miracle: their first birthday.

Jaxson and Cadence were on September 23, 2015 in Portland, Oregon. They arrived 16 weeks early, weighing just over 1 pound.

Doctors told parents Jourdan and Matt Moore that there was little chance of the babies’ survival.

Now, they’re celebrating their first birthday.

“Doctors basically told us we should let nature run its course, that there was nothing they could do for a baby born at only 23 weeks old,” Jourdan Moore told People. “But we weren’t going to give up. And we didn’t. And now look at them!”

Both babies are doing well.

Cadence was diagnosed with chronic lung disease and hypertension. She relies on a feeding tube to eat.

Jaxson is near sighted and wears glasses.

Matt and Jourdan say the journey has only made their babies stronger.

“They are so loved and so wanted. They are our miracles,” said Matt.