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Martial Arts teacher Sharath Jason Wilson’s mission is to “train and transform boys before the world does.”

He founded the Cave of Adullam in Detroit, Michigan.

During a test, one boy tried to break a board several times, but couldn’t quite endure the physical pain of it. After several attempts, the boy managed to break the board with his right hand and started to cry.

Instead of scolding the boy, Wilson knelt down, and gave the boy a pep talk.

“It’s ok to cry. We cry as men,” Wilson said. “You know in life there’s going to be things harder for you to do than other things… You’re going to have to be strong [mentally] more so than strong [physically].”

Wilson wasn’t going to let the boy give up. He stood up and held the board in front of the boy once again. In his very first try, the boy broke the board with his left hand.

Watch the inspiring moment below: