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Kelly Garza may have had one of the most proud mommy moments ever after seeing her 6-year-old son, Joshua, leading a prayer with three local police officers.

Garza and Joshua had just finished eating breakfast at a Bob Evans in St. Petersburg, Florida. On their way out, her little boy confidently approached the police officers and held their hands as he sat at the end of the table.

“My sweet boy prayed over these officers, for safety and thanked them for their service,” she wrote on her personal Facebook account.

She captured a picture as her son sat at the end of the table, holding the police officers’ hands and praying as he was taught.

“Joshua is being brought up in a very loving church, where he has learned that it’s ok to share his faith and that it’s an act of love to pray for others,” she wrote.

The St. Petersburg Police Department also shared the incredible photograph on Facebook.

“Officer Williams, Officer Blackshear and Officer Mitchell were honored to pray with this young man this morning,” it read.

Online users were thrilled to see such an inspirational message, and congratulated both Garza for her superb parenting and the police officers for their humility. |