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TULSA, Okla. — Two young girls from Oklahoma are being called heroes after they saved their diabetic mother.

Angie Brown is a longtime diabetic and has spent time teaching Lexie, 7, and Eva, 5, what to do if her blood sugar gets too low.

That training was put to the test recently when Brown began to feel weak and passed out. Lexie called their dad, but could not get in touch with him. Then she decided to call 911.

The dispatch operator talked the girls through checking on Brown’s breathing. The girls then locked up their pets and cleared a path in the home for emergency responders to get through fast.

The Tulsa City Council invited the family and medics this week to award the girls with hero proclamations. They were also appointed junior police officers.

Brown said she could have gone into a coma if the girls had not remembered what to do.

Lexie and Eva had one message they wanted to share with other kids:

Try to be brave if they ever get scared because they might be able to save their mom, too.