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DETROIT – A group of police officers got a special surprise from a 9-year-old girl who wanted to let them know she cared about them.

Samya McLaughlin just celebrated her 9th birthday. Instead of commemorating the day by buying presents and treats for herself, she decided to buy something for someone else.

Samya used her birthday money to buy lunch for her police officers at Detroit’s 11th Precinct, according to WWJ.

She learned about the shooting in Dallas, Texas that left five officers dead, and several others wounded.

“I was thinking that I should feed the police officers because I wanted to show them that I support them and I thank them for all that they do,” said Samya. “I wanted to show them that all lives matter.”

To thank her for her generosity, the officer made Samya “Officer of the Day.” They also have her gifts.

In addition to thanking the officers, Samya also passed out 30 bagged lunches to the homeless.