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MONTEREY, Calif. – An 8-year-old girl got a big surprise a week after her act of kindness went viral.

Ella Scott was eating lunch with her dad, Eddie Scott, when she saw a homeless man sitting on a bench outside.

With her dad’s permission, she picked up her plate of steak and potatoes, scurried outside and delivered it to the man.

When she came back inside, she watched him take a few bites from the window.

“I think you just made his week,” Eddie told his daughter. “How does that make you feel?”

Ella smiled and replied, “I like it…”

A few weeks later, Eddie posted a follow-up post asking his neighbors for help locating the homeless man in the video.

He told the Today Show a woman named Roseanne Salkowski called him a few days later in tears, explaining the homeless man was her brother, David.

David is a veteran with PTSD. She hadn’t seen him since he left Philadelphia six months ago.

Now, Eddie and Ella are hoping to reunite the siblings. If you have any information, you can reach out to Eddie on Facebook by clicking here.