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By Lauren Grose

Journalist Martha Sugalski is not only a successful career woman, but she is a phenomenal mother to three triplets.

Two years ago, Sugalski and her husband Rob Reich welcomed identical twin boys, Heaton and Wilder, and a little girl named Holden into the world. As the triplets will soon be celebrating their third birthday, mom has already instilled in them the beauty of kindness.

Every week, three young garbage men make their neighborhood rounds and always stop to converse with Sugalski and the kids. Heaton, Wilder and Holden excitedly anticipate “garb day,” as Sugalski calls it.

They bring Starbucks, Gatorade and sweet hugs to show how much they appreciate their service and friendship.

“I got Gatorade for you!” said one of the twin boys.

“For me? You shouldn’t have!” the trash man responded.

The incomparable bond between such opposites has since taken a viral stance on what it means to love.

The triplets love their neighborhood heroes, and those same heroes – dressed in a vibrant green shirt, cargos and work boots – love them back.