HOUSTON, Tex. – A baby given a 26 percent chance of survival is celebrating her first birthday.

Baby girl Harper was born via emergency C-section at 23 weeks.

“She was the size of a soda can. You could look through her; she was red in color. She didn’t look anything like a baby,” mom Ajshay James told ABC News. “She’s what they call a micro-preemie.”

The Houston woman said was thrilled when she and her then-boyfriend learned she was expecting, but due to complications with her pregnancy, doctors had to deliver the baby early.

Despite the doctor’s low prediction of survival, Harper is thriving today. She currently has the skills of a 5-month-old.

James said she is proud of how far Harper has come.

“The journey has been amazing. I not only have the blessing of a daughter, but I’ve learned so much about my own personal strength,” James told ABC News.

Doctors doubted whether this girl would live. Now, she’s celebrating a milestone

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