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LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. – A six-month-old baby is safe after two deputies managed to save him from a man high on Molly, according to officials.

Deputies were called to a road in New Port Richey, Florida Sunday morning. Concerned drivers say they spotted a man walking down the road, carrying a baby.

When deputies arrived, they said it was clear the man was high on drugs. Body camera video shows him loosely holding the infant with one hand. The man was later identified as Roger Mumma.

“My number one concern, as the father of a 9-month-old myself was, ‘We got to get this kid, this is not good,'” Cpl. Benjamin Birge told WTVT.

The man claimed people were following him, gesturing towards the cars on the road.

“My biggest fear was that, in his paranoid and drug-induced state, he was going to hit Little Road and at that point there was not going to be much I could do,” Birge said.

Mumma was arrested and charged with child neglect and resisting arrest. The baby is now in the care of family members.