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Chris Pratt, known for his heroic roles in “Jurassic World” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” is living up to his superhero reputation, showing up to Seattle Children’s Hospital to brighten a few kids’ days.

Pratt posted photos of the visit to his Instagram account, sharing short stories about each child he met at the hospital.

“Rowan was Groot for Halloween and his brother was Rocket,” Pratt captioned one photo. “What an awesome kid. Great parents and from a great family. You’re in my prayers tonight little man.”

Pratt thanked Seattle Children’s Hospital for letting him visit.

“Thank you @seattlechildrens for the opportunity to come by and brighten some days. My heart is full,” Pratt wrote.

While at the hospital he also visited the NICU, where his son Jack spent some time after arriving 9 weeks ahead of schedule.

In one photo, he’s holding a tiny preemie alongside a hospital staff member. The baby boys weighed about a pound and a half each at birth.

“The boys are doing fine. Although they’re missing their big sis,” wrote Pratt.