letter (1)A mother was brought to tears when she found out what her son did for his litter brother, who has Down syndrome.

Her son, Austin, is about to head to middle school next year. Austin’s little brother, Chase, has special needs and is about to start kindergarten, Dayton Daily News reports. Austin wished he could be there to look out for Chase at school, so he asked a friend for some help.

He wrote a heartfelt letter to his friend, Shane, who also has Down syndrome. Shane will be in fifth grade next year, so Austin hopes he will be able to look out for Chase.

The letter reads:

Dear Shane,

Hi, how is it going? I can’t wait for school to be over. I am giving you this letter because I want to ask you a favor. Will you watch out for and be friends with my brother, Chase?

Chase is going to be in kindergarten next year. He is blessed with Down Syndrome like you. I am asking you to do this because I am going to middle school next year and I will not be at (school name) anymore.

You have one more year here and it will be your year with Chase. I hope you get to meet him. He has glasses and looks a lot like you but younger.

You might see him with a Woody from Toy Story doll. Even though he can’t talk, I hope you two can be friends like me and you. Will you do that for me? I would like it a lot.

Your Buddy, Austin.

Brother asks friend with Down syndrome to look out for little brother with special needs

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