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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A 10-year-old boy was saving up for a guitar when he ran into a family who really needed some cash. Without hesitation, he donated his entire savings, and now it has come back to him in a big way.

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Max Morris is just 10-years-old, but he has an enormous heart. He recently came across a candlelight vigil for an 18-year-old crash victim and was touched.

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“I walked by to my house and there was a big gathering, and we just stopped by and asked what it was,” Max told WHBQ. “So I just ran home and got all the money out of my piggy bank and ran it back.”

At first, he gave them $3. Then, he got more change from his mother’s purse and donated it. Finally, he ran all the way home and returned with $20. He had been saving that money to buy a treat for himself.

“I was saving up for a guitar for like five weeks. And then as I was walking back, I just said you know what they need it more. Just forget about the guitar. I can get that later,” Max said.

Max’s generosity has been touching hearts in his hometown. In fact, the gesture landed him on the front page of the newspaper.


The whole story came full circle when a stranger approached Max in the park and gave him a guitar — for free.

“I’ve got a guitar and you just touched my heart, and I want you to have it,” Don Olen told Max.

Olen’s reason behind the kind gesture was simple.


“You get it back tenfold,” said Olben. “I wish I could do more for him, but that’s sweet right there.”

Watch the touching story below: