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ROME, Ga. – Levi Money isn’t your ordinary child – he has a heart of gold.

The 11-year-old overheard on the radio about how the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, Floyd County Police, Rome City police and the Rome Braves were donating supplies for the victims of the recent flooding in Louisiana.

The sixth grader at Model Middle School wanted to do something to help the victims, so he took all of his birthday money – $86 – and went to the Dollar Tree and bought supplies for the flood victims.

His mother asked him why he spent all of it on them and nothing on himself he said, “Because mommy, I got everything I wanted for my birthday and couldn’t think of anything I needed for myself so I wanted to spend it on people who really need it. Those poor people don’t have anything left mommy,” Money said.

Levi delivered the supplies Thursday afternoon to the supply drive. He said he wants to try inspire people to do the same and help others.