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GLEN BURNIE, Md. – Baby Ella was not pleased when her parents stole her traditional good night kiss.

A video shared by dad Matt Hanneken of Glen Burnie, Maryland, shows little Ella burst into tears as her parents exchanged a loving smooch.

Matt and his wife, Krissy have two older sons, 8-year-old Tyler and 5-year-old Carter. Hanneken told ABC News that they started a tradition of giving them a special good night kiss.

“We would kind of kiss them at the same time every night before going to sleep, and they would get a kick out of it and they’d laugh and they’d love it,” said Hanneken.

On Oct. 3, little Ella was not pleased to see her parents stealing her goodnight smooch. She would start to cry as she watched her parents give each over a peck on the lips.

They cheered her up by giving her a hug and that stolen kiss back.