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DALLAS, Tx. – A young boy is on a mission to make sure every home in his community is equipped with functioning smoke alarms.

Hector Montoya, 8, overheard a story while his parents were watching the news about a mother and one of her twin daughters who were killed in a house fire.

“I thought every house had a smoke detector,” Hector told the Star-Telegram. “I asked my mom, ‘Why didn’t they have a smoke detector?’ She said, ‘Some people do, some people don’t.’”

Hector, of Dallas, Texas, had been saving up his money to buy a PlayStation 4. He had about $300, but instead of using that money to buy the Play Station, be bought smoke detectors to distribute to those in need.

He’s now 9 years old and has increased his effort. He has so far collected more than 6,000 smoke detectors, according to DeSoto Fire and Rescue.

An elderly couple was one of the recipients of Hector’s selflessness.

“He is a blessing,” said 71-year-old Fidencia Rodriguez.

Hector dreams of becoming a firefighter someday, and the DeSoto Fire and Rescue has promised to help him achieve that dream.

“We have a fire academy here. We’re giving him a scholarship for the academy.  He’s given so much, and we’re going to give a little back to him,” said fire chief Jerry Duffield, according to KFMB.