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COOKEVILLE, Tenn. – A fourth grade student  wants to make sure all her classmates have happy birthdays, even if their families can’t afford to throw a party.

Lillian Upchurch told WKRN she was heartbroken when she learned some students can’t afford birthday parities like her family can.

“I was at lunch one day and a girl was talking to her dad. She said, ‘I really want Christmas presents, dad. Are you going to get any this Christmas?'” said Lillian. “He said, ‘I can just get a few. I’m trying to save up, but I don’t know if we can get very many.'”

Heartbroken by what she heard, Lillian came up with the idea of creating a “birthday box.”

Each box is filled with baking supplies, streamers, invitations, paper plates, and sodas.

“Everything you need to throw a birthday party,” said Lillian.

Lillian’s school counselors identify two students every month who could use the birthday box.

“[The families] just overwhelmed. They say thank you so much, oh my gosh my child? Thank you so much! That’s unbelievable we really needed that this month. How did you guys know? We weren’t going to be able to throw a birthday party this month,” School counselor Chloe Callis told WKRN.

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