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WILMINGTON, N.C. – A 10-year-old boy wanted to take some of the financial burden off his mom, so he’s working to raise money for his own school supplies.

Tyran Bell is a rising 5th grader at Gregory Elementary in Wilmington, North Carolina. WECT reports his mother had to miss a lot of work recently to take care of his uncle, who is sick in the hospital.

Tyran knew school was coming up, but didn’t want to ask his mom for the money to buy school supplies. Instead, he  logged on to his mom’s Facebook page and created a post in the Wilmington Yard Sales Facebook page, WECT reports.

He explained that he’s looking for work to make some money for school. Soon, people started offering help.

“Just an amazing kid,” said Theresa Babb, who owns a local business. “You know, who does that at ten years old? You’re always hearing about kids are lazy, they don’t have a work ethic, and you see something like this. Forget it. It’s amazing.”

ABC News reports that Babb volunteered her office space to collect donations. Babb says all surplus donations will be used to help other kids in need.

““If it wasn’t for [Tyran], other kids wouldn’t be getting help too,” Babb told ABC News.

In addition, Tyran told WECT he plans to mow lawns, with some help from his mom.

Tyran’s brother will be starting 9th grade this year. The community is also donating school supplies and clothes to him as well.