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A 10-year-old battling cancer recently met president Jimmy Carter.

Carter Beckhard-Souzzi was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma in May 2015, according to ABC News. After months of chemotherapy and surgeries, he finally beat the disease.

While Carter was in the hospital, officials from the Make-A-Wish foundation visited him. Months after that visit, his mom said he finally decided what he wanted his wish to be.

“He said, ‘Mom, I figured it out. I want to meet President Jimmy Carter,” said mom Jane Bechard-Souzzi. “When I asked why, he said, ‘We have three things in common. We have the same name. We both have survived cancer and we both love helping people.’”

Carter also mentioned a fourth reason: “…that he was president of the United States and I was co-president of my school,” said Carter.

On Monday, Carter finally met the president at the Carter Center in Atlanta. They started their meeting with a warm hug.

ABC News reports they spent about 30 minutes talking about a number of topics ranging from their personal battles with cancer to Jimmy Carter’s journey to the White House.

“It was more me asking him and he had stories behind each question, which was really cool to hear because it’s not like you get to hear something like that everyday,” said Carter. “He fought segregation and wanted to make peace so he never fired a gun while he was in office and he wanted to help civil rights.”

Jimmy Carter gave the elementary school student some signed memorabilia, and Carter gave the former president one of his bracelets that reads, “Carter crushed cancer with power, strength, love.”

In a statement released by Jimmy Carter through the Make-A-Wish foundation, the former president said, “He is a fine young man, and we share much more than a name in common, especially our success in overcoming cancer… I know Carter will grow up to do great things.”