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A man sentenced to life in prison will be collecting half of his ex-wife’s military retirement because of Arizona community property law.

Deanna Gulli was married to her ex-husband, Ronald, for 28 years.

During their marriage, Deanna was serving in the U.S. Army.

Three years ago, Ronald was arrested for child pornography and sexual misconduct with a minor.

After finding out about the charges, Deanna filed for divorce.

That’s when she was told that she is required to pay half of her military retirement to her ex-husband.

“How am I going to support my children if I have to support somebody that’s incarcerated?” she told KVOA. “It’s hard to believe that all I get is sympathy, but I don’t get help.”

Gulli said she had planned on using the money to pay for the couple’s two children to go to college.

“I don’t have any money for them to go to college. That’s their college money,” she said. “It just seems like a selfish way to lose your money.”

According to KVOA, Arizona is one of the few states in the country with a community property law. That means that any money earned while a couple is married is equally divided during a divorce. No exception.

Gulli says she has reached out to veteran organizations and lawmakers, but has been told there is nothing that can be done.