Jason and Byron Miller were excited to welcome twin boys to their family in Mansfield, Texas. They scrambled to prepare their nursery and liquidated a 401k to help pay for adoption fees. They also paid Wenona McClellan, the birth mom, several thousand dollars in living expenses.

But when McClellan postponed her C-section, the Millers grew suspicious.

“We were so excited in that moment that she was actually gonna allow us to have her children and we were going to be new parents that if there were red flags, we didn’t see them,” Byron told KTVT-TV.

They also realized the sonograms she’d given them had been ripped off the internet.

Turns out, this isn’t the first time McClellan has gotten into trouble. She has a criminal history involving theft, bad checks and drug possession.

The adoption agency that was helping the Millers alerted police, who tracked her down and arrested her for violating her probation. Officials said McClellan failed to pay court-ordered fees, to comply with random drug testing and also failed to show for meetings with her community supervision officer.

The Millers say they’ve had three adoptions prior to this one fall through and this one, may be their last.

Couple heartbroken and broke after falling for adoption scam

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