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Get out the tissues!

Superstar John Cena may dominate ring, but he melted hearts during a recent “Monday Night Raw.”

Cena, along with his opponent Sting, took a moment after their match to honor a little girl who won the battle of a lifetime.

Kiara Grindrod, 7, has been battling cancer, E! reported.

“We’ve got a special fighter in the house,” Cena said. “We have a young lady who is 7 years old, and she just got some amazing news. She’s been fighting quite a tough battle, and I’m proud to announce she won.”

Cena added that Kiara is, “an inspiration to not only us in the ring, but to every single person outside the ring around the world.”

He was then joined by Sting, Cena giving her a big hug and both giving the little fighter WWE gifts as the crowed changed words of encouragement.

Watch the entire tribute.