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CHINA – A man originally portrayed as a hero by the media for staying by his girlfriend’s side while she was in a months-long coma is now facing accusations that he’s the one who put her there.

According to Sky News, Lin Yingying fell into a coma after a head injury in September 2014.

Her boyfriend, Lui Fenghe, spent 200,000 yuan, about $30,700, on her hospital bills. Mashable reports he was portrayed as a loving boyfriend who refused to leave her side, as she lay in a coma.

When Lin regained consciousness in May 2015, she alleged Lui beat her up in the bakery they ran together. She said he hit her with a rolling pin after accidentally burning bread.

She said that wasn’t the first violent incident. He allegedly abused her before, but she was too afraid to speak out about it.

Sky News reports Lin’s family is speaking with police.