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AMARILLO, Tx. – When a woman woke up from a month-long coma, the first thing she told her husband was that she saw God, who told her everything was going to be okay.

She recently shared her story with KAMR.

Tina Hare’s son, John, found her unresponsive in a bathtub at their Amarillo, Texas home in June 2013. She was rushed to the hospital and doctors determined he had a brain aneurysm on her carotid artery, KAMR reports.

Hare was in and out of a coma for a month.

“First thing I told my husband when they brought me out of the coma, the first thing I seen was the Lord,” said Hare. “He had my hand and i seen myself in my tub and he looked at me and told me not to worry that I would be okay.
Next, Hare says she saw a child she lost years ago.
“And then the next vision I would have would be I seen heaven and I seen my unborn son that we lost in a miscarriage came up to me,” said Hare.
Remarkably, after waking up and undergoing physical therapy, Hare was completely fine despite the aneurysm.
“They were able to repair the aneurysm and then a week in Dallas then I came back here for three weeks of rehab and walked out of the hospital exactly seven weeks later completely  healed and restored, ” said Hare.