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By Natale Dreier,Β Cox Media Group National Content Desk

MANCHESTER, England β€”Β A woman in England has made a household appliance that many people might wish exists.

She said she was able to figure out a way to make the water dispenser in her refrigerator pour chilled wine instead of water, “The Today Show” reported.

Clare Potts didn’t need any fancy tools or other gadgets to make the plan a reality.

She told “Today” that all she had to do was pour the wine directly into the water dispenser.

Potts said the wine tastes fine and comes out at just the right temperature. However, she’s not sure how long it will stay fresh before the wine starts oxidizing.

Some responses on Twitter wondered if the wine would pick up tastes from food stored in the refrigerator.

She told Buzzfeed that after the testing bottle was finished, she washed out the dispenser and changed it back to dispensing water.

Not surprisingly, she has been cheered and saluted on Twitter for her discovery.