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FRANKFORT, Ill. – A liver donation from a perfect stranger led to love for one woman who now plans to marry the man who saved her life.

Heather Krueger and Chris Dempsey fell in love while facing a life or death situation. Heather was diagnosed with stage IV liver disease in 2014. her health continued to deteriorate and last year, her doctor suggested she look for a living donor.

Chris, a retired marine, overheard a co-worker who was Heather’s cousin talking about her situation and decided to help out.

“When I heard about it, I just put myself in that position and said I would really want someone to help me,” said Dempsey.

Dempsey had some initial complications after the surgery, but they both bounced back and continued to grow closer.

Last month, Chris made it official. Dempsey and Krueger plan to get married in October.