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LAKE JACKSON, Tx. – A mom is helping other mothers commemorate their motherhood by creating jewelry made out of their breast milk.

Bridgette Boudreaux of Lake Jackson, wanted to cherish the bond she had with her children.

“It’s so beautiful. You know, such a peaceful time with just you and your baby,” said Boudreaux.

She said when other mothers found out she could create keepsakes from the breast milk, the orders started coming in.

“I debuted it in a small Facebook group that I was in for mothers and they responded very well, and the orders just started pouring in,” said Boudreaux.

She makes the jewelry at her home by adding preservatives to the milk and storing it in a refrigerator. Within a week, the milk becomes solid, and Boudreaux molds it into various shapes. She also adds color and adds a top coat resin to harden and protect the milk.

Boudreaux says she has sold hundreds of the necklaces, which range from $50-$100.