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SAN FRANCISCO – A woman is celebrating her graduation from San Francisco State University — the same school where she was found abandoned in a cardboard box as a newborn 31 years ago.

Jillian Sobol was found in a dorm’s laundry room in 1984. A student found her while doing laundry, and with help from a nursing student who just happened to be in the room at the time, helped keep her warm until emergency workers arrived, according to San Francisco Gate.

Officials managed to track down her biological mother, a 19-year-old sophomore. The woman said she concealed her pregnancy, not even telling the baby’s father. She said the father was a 20-year-old student she met at a party.

Dozens of people applied to adopt the baby after her story spread on the news.

Jillian was eventually adopted by Sam and Helene Sobol, and she says they gave her a happy life.

“My goodness. We have lucked out big time with Jillian,” Helene told Inside Edition.

Jillian said graduating from college wasn’t easy.

“I was definitely different from my parents. They were more reserved. Professionals. I was more rambunctious,” said Jillian. She also had dyslexia.

After years of hard work, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree on Friday.

According to San Francisco Gate, she eventually got in touch with her biological parents. Her biological father recently attended a graduation lunch with her.

She plans to work in San Francisco after graduation.