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By Tricia Despres

We have all had that conversation with our spouse. Usually it happens before a long trip or after too many wines, but it’s a conversation that usually starts with the words “I know you don’t want to talk about this….”

But it’s a conversation that has to be had – that conversation where you discuss what is going to happen if one dies before the other and what the memorial service is going to look like and how long the person left over can start dating after we are gone.

But for any mother, the most important part of that conversation is how the father will raise the kids. Will he remember to say prayers with them when I am gone? Will he raise them with the morals I began? Will he love them and hug them and cherish them as much as I do?

In the case of Rory Feek, he has.

Just a mere short months after the death of his dear wife Joey, Rory continues to show the world via his blog that he is doing everything in his power to raise daughter Indiana exactly how Joey would have wanted him too.

And to country music fans that have followed Joey+Rory’s story, watching Rory in action makes our heart melt.

You are doing a great job Daddy. |