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By Tricia Despres

Taylor Swift took the time on June 4 to put her help a longtime fan mourning the loss of his mother…because that’s just the kind of woman Taylor is.

According to People Magazine, Taylor surprised wedding goers when she appeared at the wedding celebration of Max Singer and Kenya Smith. A longtime fan of Taylor’s, Max actually had wed his bride Kenya back in April at the bedside of his mother, who has since passed away. Shortly afterwards, Max’s sister wrote a letter to Taylor, telling her that her brother and mom had had their first dance in that hospital room to the melody of Taylor’s hit song “Blank Space.”

So on June 4, Taylor shocked wedding guests when she walked in to Max and Kenya’s wedding celebration. While there, she posed for pictures and sang “Blank Space” while the couple danced.

People Magazine also reported that Taylor had a beautiful gift for the couple, painting some of the words of the song unto a piece of canvas.

And once again, Taylor finds a way to bring sunshine into dark days, in more ways than one. |