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By: WSB Community

ATLANTA – An Atlanta composer is using his passion for piano to bring people together.

 Malek Jandali is the founder of the nonprofit, Pianos for Peace. The organization’s focus is to “build peace through music and education.” Jandali says they have placed 29 pianos throughout Atlanta for everyone to enjoy.
“It’s the universal language of the human race,” he said. “We need to unite during these challenging times in our symphony for peace, that’s what we need.”
Each piano has been painted by a volunteers, including artists. Jandali says that after two weeks, he plans to donate the pianos to Title 1 schools, nursing homes, healthcare facilities and community centers.

“It’s fun to have colorful, painted pianos in the streets, but it’s more impactful to have these pianos in places where they’re needed most,” he said.

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According to the organization, nearly half a million people will come across the pianos for the two week duration they are available to the public. The locations can be found in in the Pianos for Peace app foriPhone and Android.