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TUSKEGEE, Ala. – Tyler Perry received an honorary degree after delivering an inspirational speech at Tuskegee University’s graduation last weekend.

During his speech, he shared stories about the struggles he faced building his career.

In his early days, he wanted to make enough money to support his mom. He wrote his first play and moved to Atlanta.

“I thought 1,200 people would show up that weekend but only 30 showed up. My car payment, rent, everything was tied up in it so I ended up homeless with no money and nothing to my name,” said Perry.

Every year, he kept doing the play, and every year it was a failure, Perry said.

But then, he started hearing from the people in the audience who were moved by that show.

“My life shifted after that,” he said. “My intention became, how do I serve other people? How do I lift other people?”