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ORLANDO, Fla. – A set of triplets say Tuesday is their favorite day of the week, because it’s when they see their good friends, the garbagemen.

Martha Sugalski is a news anchor at WFTV in Orlando, Florida. Photos posted to her page Tuesday show her triplets bumping fists with the garbagemen and giving them boxed lunches.

“We have come to love these men,” Sugalski wrote on Facebook. “Every week we catch up on life, what’s going on with them and their families and see what’s new.”

The garbagemen told Sugalski that not everyone is as kind as her children.

“They said on the route they couldn’t understand why some people looked down upon their profession,” wrote Sugalski. “They told me they waved to folks, said ‘hi’ and ‘enjoy your day and were ignored.'”

Sugalski said she enjoys showing them appreciation.

“As I’ve said before spread some love and kindness’s kinda easy,” wrote Sugalski.