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LONDON, Ohio – A toddler who has fought for her life since her birth is crossing off bucket list items, as a rare form of cancer continues to spread.

Two-year-old Shiann received a heart transplant when she was just five weeks old. After receiving a new heart, she lived a happy life for more than a year with her family in London, Ohio.

But suddenly she started getting very sick. In January, her parents took her to a hospital.

“We took her to the hospital and we thought it was a normal virus,” mom Cora Lockhart told WCMH. “Turns out she got mono, which is the EVV virus. In transplant patients, if you don’t catch is soon enough, it turns into what’s known as PTLD Lymphoma.

The rare disease only appears in 2 percent of transplant patients. Chemotherapy treatments nearly killed Shiann. After a round and a half of treatment, the family decided to quit.

“She has cancer in her brain as well as her whole body, so we decided enough was enough,” said Cora. “So we made the decision to bring her home on hospice and let her live out the rest of her time here on earth happy and peaceful.”

Since then, the family started a Facebook page. Family and friends have been creating a bucket list for Shiann.

“I think the two biggest things that we want to do is probably prom because we are going to miss that,” said Cora. “And have her a wedding, so Daddy can walk her down the aisle.”

Shiann’s prom is scheduled for June 25.

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