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A little girl didn’t miss a beat when she barfed on Paula Abdul.

Little Chi Tahani was auditioning for Fox’s show “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation” when one young hopeful just couldn’t keep her excitement in.

Tahani blew everyone away with her performance, and all three judged agreed that Tahani deserves to move on to the next round.

The 12-year-old ran up to hug the judges, but when she hugged Abdul, she vomited all over her.

Tahani apologized to Abdul, but the mishap didn’t slow her down one bit. She skipped out of the auditorium joyfully, and sat down with Cat Deeley for her post-audition interview.

“She squeezed me too tight,” Tahani explained. “And all the happiness came out on her jacket.”

Watch the hilarious video above.