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A video posted to YouTube shows the happy moment a boy realizes he’s about to be a big brother.

The video recorded by his mom shows Jaden opening a present his mom gave him. He rips open the package to first find a tiny pair of shoes.

He laughs hysterically, then finds a diaper and a tiny pair of socks. He continues to giggle and playfully throws the shoes at his mom.

“You’re having a baby?” he asks.

His mom tells him to look at the pictures inside the bag, where she placed her ulta sound photos.

“What is it?” his mom asks, laughing along with him.

“Your baby?” he responds excitedly.

As soon as his mom responds “Yes!” Jaden claps his hands to his face and starts to cry.

“Are you happy? his mom asks through tears.

“Yes!” sobs Jaden.

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