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FORT WAYNE, Ind. – A man is helping to make a high school student’s dream of joining his school’s football team come true.

Earl Davis posted a photo of 15-year-old Demarco Bailey to his Facebook page, where it quickly went viral.

The photo shows Demarco using homemade training equipment. Davis spotted the boy early one morning on his way to an interview.

He says he had to back up and ask the boy what he was doing.

“He said he said he was working to make Northside freshman football team,” wrote Davis.

Davis, who coaches football for Metro Youth Sports according to ABC News, admired the teen’s determination.

“He said, ‘Sorry to be rude, coach, but you gotta drive while I jog. I gotta stay moving,” wrote Davis. “I gave him my name and number so he can workout with my boys, told him we have sleds, parachutes, resistant bands, weights etc. He was geeked up. Best part of all, the whole conversation took place while he was still jogging.”

Since the post went viral, Davis started a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy Demarco better equipment.

The page has raised more than $8,000. But Davis says Demarco is too humble to accept the money.

“He doesn’t feel like he worked for it,” Davis told ABC News. “He wants to take the stuff that was donated to him and get some equipment, but then donate the rest to others.”

Davis used the money to purchase some gear for Demarco. The teen has also been training with Davis’ sons.

Davis says Demarco is unfazed by all the attention he’s gotten after the first Facebook post.

“He’s just the same person. Still focused as ever,” Davis told WXIN.

If you would like to donate to Demarco, click here.