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Lance Stewart is 18-years-old and is mostly known for his funny videos he posts online.

But one video in particular might bring a tear to your eye.

It shows Lance and fellow entertainer Adin Kolansky doing something generous for homeless people in Los Angeles.

The video starts with Lance ordering 100 McDoubles from McDonald’s. At first employees don’t believe him, but end up filling his tall request. The total comes to about $150.

Then, he gives every sandwich away to homeless people.

“Something as little as food can have such a huge impact on someone else’s life,” they say in the video. “We take so much for granted.”

When they ran out of sandwiches, they went into a nearby drug store to restock. Many are sleeping on sidewalks and benches, and don’t even have a chance to thank the teen for his generosity.

In just eight hours, the video was viewed more than 1.8 million times with nearly 80,000 likes. Lance says he hopes the video spreads kindness.

“Hopefully others will be inspired enough to help out more as well,” wrote Lance.

Watch the heartwarming video above.