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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A 17-year-old boy is paying for his college education after selling newspapers on a street corner for five years.

“I just stay away from the negativity and try to always be positive,” Kevuntez King told WHBQ.

King was raised by his mother in Memphis, Tennessee. He says her strength influenced him.

“She just taught me how to be independent like she had it. She just wanted me to go get it myself,” said King.

When he was 12 years old, King was given the opportunity to sell newspapers. For five years, he held that job with the goal of paying for college.

In the years that King has been standing on the corner selling papers, he’s gained a following of people who admire his work ethic and encourage him to chase his dreams.

He maintained straight As in school and played several sports including golf, tennis, bowling, basketball, baseball and swimming.

King was accepted to Tennessee State University and will be studying physical therapy. He will be paying for his education himself.

King shared some valuable advice about achieving your goals.

“Make sure you surround yourself with people that are trying to go up in life and not trying to bring you down. Just stay positive and always believe in yourself and push yourself for it,” said King.