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DENVER –¬†A man’s life was changed thanks to a stranger who is on a mission to help others.

Fox 31 Denver reports that James Moss moved to Denver with his son, Zhi, after a friend told him about a job opportunity, offering him a place to stay. But before he landed in his new city, the offer fell through.

“It seemed like everything I was trying to do was falling apart,” said Moss.

He was living in a shelter with his son when Leon Logothetis approached him. Logothetis is a writer, motivational speaker and philanthropist who is on tour o spread kindness.

He presented Moss with $1,000 in the video. Moss immediately broke down in tears. He and his son had been living in a shelter, and the money would go a very long way for them.

And the generosity didn’t stop there. A woman who saw the video created a GoFundMe page for Moss. So far it has raised more than $36,000.

James and his son have since moved out of the shelter, thanks to the kindness of yet another stranger. His new boss also allows Moss to bring his son to work.