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POMONA, Calif. – This is going down in history as one of the worst pranks a son could pull on his mother.

A the family of a 62-year-old nurse in Panoma, California says their son tricked her into believing she won the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot.

The woman’s boss, Shlomo Rechnitz, bought 18,000 tickets for his employees and residents at 80 nursing homes in California. The woman’s son reportedly sent her a picture of the “winning ticket,” telling her she won.

The woman’s employer called news media, and even gave a statement to them.

“Who would have thought the actual winner would be here at our facility,” said a spokesperson. “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.”

When they found out about the prank, Rechnitz called it “detestable,” according to KABC.

Rechnitz told the woman to have some fun with the situation, and said he would buy the family an all-expense paid vacation for the nurse and her family to anywhere they wish.