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By Nicole Moschella

Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis, the stars of the upcoming film, “Bad Moms,” stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday and DeGeneres surprised them with a video message from their husbands.

Bell and Kunis’ husbands, Dax Shepard and Ashton Kutcher go way back and know each other from their days working on Kutcher’s prank show, “Punk’d.” The ladies had the best reaction when DeGeneres flashed a throwback image of their men working on the show together.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” Shepard and Kutcher started their video message.

“We put babies in you!” Kutcher joked.

“You gave them to us and we thank you,” Shepard said.

The video was just the beginning of the surprises for Bell and Kunis. Right after the message ended, their husbands joined them onstage, flowers in hand.

Of course, DeGeneres couldn’t resist having a little fun with the couples and challenged them to a game of “Never Have I Ever.” But, since the couples were speaking together, she called the game, “Never Have We Ever.”

She started off with an easy one, asking them if they had ever gone to a nude beach. Surprisingly, both couples revealed they had never done that. “Sorry, guys. This Hollywood lifestyle is not as exciting as it is advertised,” Shepard joked.

Things got pretty hot when DeGeneres asked if the couples have ever “hooked up on set,” and they all admitted to doing it. But, they all said they have never “fallen asleep while having sex.”

Bell learned something about her husband when DeGeneres asked, “never have we ever been in handcuffs.”

“He’s talking about another partner, Ellen!” Bell exclaimed right after Shepard admitted that he has in fact, been in handcuffs.

Shepard quickly tried to recover: “No, no, no. I’m talking about the police and stuff. Is that not what that meant?”

Maybe it is impossible to know everything about your partner.