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A huge flock of birds is trapped in the eye of Hurricane Matthew.

Glenn Burns, chief meteorologist with WSB-TV in Atlanta, pointed out a small green dot in the eye of Hurricane Matthew on weather radar Thursday.

“Here is the eye of the storm and inside the eye the air is calm and the sky is clear,” said Burns. “Those are seagulls and birds that are flying inside the eye of the storm trying to escape the strongest part of the storm which is in the north and north-eastern center of it.”

Birds riding along in the eye of a hurricane is a common phenomena, according to Kenn Kaufman, Birding expert and field editor for Audubon. He says they likely try to stay in the eye of the storm, where it’s calm.

“When the storm reaches land, some of them may start fighting the winds. Others may go with it and travel with the eye until the hurricane dissipates,” said Kaufman. “The majority of seabirds, if they are not too weakened from having flown for so long without food, will probably find their way back to shore quickly. They have great powers of navigation.”