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PALM HARBOR, Fla. – The daughter of a fallen police officer is thanking his brothers in blue for escorting her to prom

Tarpon Springs police officer Charlie Kondek was killed in 2014, WSVN reports.

His daughter, Aleena Kondek, says since his passing, his colleagues at the police department have made sure his daughter feels loved.

“They always say, ‘never forgotten,’ and I totally believe that,” Aleena told WSVN. “They’re always texting me, ‘How are you doing?’ and they step in with things that my dad did, and they’re amazing. I love each and every one of them.”

On Saturday, the officers surprised her with a police escort to prom.

Her police family teared up as they wished her well and watched her walk into the ballroom.

Aleena said though her dad couldn’t be there that day, she was happy.

“I know he’s always with me. I just kept smiling throughout the day because I know he’s watching down,” she said. “I know he’s probably tearing up watching me put makeup on and getting my hair done. They’re my dad’s brothers, and they’ve been stepping in, and they’re amazing.”

Aleena graduates high school on June 3.