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HOUSTON, Tx. – A photo of a police officer going above and beyond to care for a homeless man is touching people’s hearts around the country.

The photo shows Sgt. Steve Wick with the Houston Police Department washing a blind homeless man’s feet. According to KHOU, the homeless man’s name is Quintus, and he spends his days on the streets selling newspapers.

Wick told KHOU that officers noticed Quintus had soiled himself, so they helped clean him up. That’s when they noticed his toenails were exceptionally long.

“To get the toenails cut, it will make your life of walking around so much better,” said Wick. “He couldn’t do it for himself. He’s got glaucoma and he’s blind.”

After cleaning up his feet, the officers found a place for Quintus to shower.

The officers say taking care of the poorest members of their community is part of their job.

“It’s just helping your fellow man. Reaching out to your community. I think this is how we serve the community best,” said Officer Colin Mansfield.

Wick agreed.

“That’s what my team does. We go out there and help anybody who wants help. We help them try to get off the street,” said Wick.