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CLEVELAND – A 9-year-old boy is thanking a police officer for giving him his priceless collection of Pokemon cards, after his were stolen.

Bryce’s collection of Pokemon cards is one of his most prized possessions. Last week, he was walking with one his friends in their Ohio neighborhood with his cards.

“One kid stole them right out of my hand and he ran over there,” Bryce told WJW. “Then my mom called the cops and they showed up.”

Police eventually tracked down the binder of cards, but some of them were still missing. Police officer James Grotenrath understood Bryce’s heartbreak.

“I grew up with Pokemon. I loved Pokemon as a kid and would be heartbroken too if my cards were taken from me,” said Grotenrath.

Grotenrath went home and tracked down his old collection of cards. Then, he gave them all to Bryce, who couldn’t be more grateful.

“I think [police officers] are really nice and they help out the world,” said Bryce.