ALBANY, New York – There was an emotional reunion nearly 40 years in the making between a woman severely burned as an infant and he nurse who cared for her.

Amanda Scarpinati was three months old when she suffered third degree burns after falling into a hot steam humidifier.

Susan Berger was a young nurse that looked after Scarpinati at an Albany, New York hospital, and a photographer captured the moment for the cover of a 1977 medical report.

Now, years later, the two women got to meet thanks to an extensive search on social media.

“It’s such a great reminder at the end of my career to think back on all the interactions that I’ve had with patients. All of the tings that I’ve done made me put aside the hard work and the times it was stressful and think about this. This is the best part,” said Berger.

Both women say this is the start of a new friendship that began years ago.


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