CONCORD, N.C. – Michelle Fadel is in the final stages of stage 4 cancer and is determined to see one last Christmas, even if it means celebrating a little early.

Fadel told People she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. She has been battling for her life ever since. Doctors recently recommended she stop treatment and enter hospice care.

She was heartbroken that she likely wouldn’t live to see Christmas one last time.

“I told my husband I have a good mind to just start decorating for Christmas so our grandkids don’t miss out on Christmas and he said ‘I’d love that’” Fadel told WBTV.

Soon, neighbors in her Concord, North Carolina neighborhood caught word that Fadel was celebrating her last Christmas early and started to set up their lights, wreaths and lawn ornaments. They even came to her doorstep to sing Christmas carols, dressed in Santa hats and thick scarves despite the warm weather.

Despite her grim prognosis, Fadel remains upbeat and optimistic.

“In all honesty, you don’t know if you have this afternoon. My Mom doesn’t know, she’s 89, she doesn’t know if she has this afternoon. But we live that way. We live as if we can take it for granted. And I can’t,” Fadel told WBTV.

Neighbors surprise dying woman who likely won’t live to see Christmas

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