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A grieving mother says she found new purpose by donating 16 gallons of breast milk after giving birth to a stillborn son.

Wendy Cruz-Chan of New York was 19 weeks pregnant when suffered a rare uterus infection, causing her to lose her baby boy named Killiam.

“All I have of him are his ashes in his urn,” Cruz told Inside Edition. “I can’t dress him, I can’t play with him. I can’t watch him grow. As a mother, it breaks me. It hurts me deeply.”

She said she decided to donate her breast milk to help other babies in need. In total, she has donated 16 gallons.

“All in the memory of my angel baby Killian. A mother’s love holds no boundaries,” Cruz wrote on Facebook.

She’s now working to raise awareness about stillbirths and raise money to help hospital buy equipment to support premature babies.