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A mother in Indianapolis says she can’t trust anyone babysitting her child after what happened at a splash pad.

Brittany Dixon said she saw the cell phone video on Facebook. It shows gallons of water being dumped on a seven-month-old child.

“My newsfeed was lit up, there’s was posts everywhere like whose baby is this,” Dixson told

Dixon quickly realized it was her daughter Annora in the video and the woman standing next to her in the purple, her babysitter.

“It’s just really stressful to think about somebody would do that to her no matter how many times you put a child under water,” she said. “They’re not going to like it and they’re going to cry every time.”

Dixon told she immediately fired the babysitter who did apologize to the mother.

Thankfully, Annora will be okay.

The Greenwood Police Department and the Department of Child Services are investigating the incident.