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A mother was overcome with emotion after hearing her daughter’s heart beating in the chest of another child.

Jade Stoner was just 7 years old when she was hit by a car while riding her bike outside her home in Chirstchurch, Britain, according to Inside Edition.

Mom Debbie Stoner, heartbroken at the loss of her daughter, decided to donate her organs. Her heart went to Nellie-Mai, a baby who was born with cardiomyopathy. She had no chance of survival without a transplant.

Nellie-Mai had been abandoned by her parents, so her foster parents, Sarah and Jeff Evans, stayed by her side.

When Jeff heard a 7-year-old girl died in a bike accident, he broke down in tears.

“At that point, it sunk in that someone had to lost a child in order for Nellie to live,” Evans told Inside Edition.

Now, a decade later, Jade’s mother heard her daughter’s heartbeat in Nellie-Mai’s chest.

Video shows her laying her head on Nellie-Mai’s chest before beginning to sob.

“The first time I heard Jade’s heart beating was when I was pregnant with her at my ultrasound scan,” said Stoner.

Watch the bittersweet video below.